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Lets Start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate this holiday. A Happy Holiday for everyone else who celebrates in some manner in the many cultures around the world.  This page will help to inform you how you can take part with us, in some of our activities plus, a schedule of shows and times off, plus when we return in 2024.


KB Radio has a tradition of not playing Christmas music.  My decision has always been there are lots of places to listen to Christmas music if you want to, but knowing that you won't get any on KB is a bonus for some listeners.  We will play Christmas music, from approximately midnight to noon on Christmas Day.  Any artists who submit Christmas music, it will be added to a pool of music, and our broadcast software randomly pulls and plays that 12 hours of music from that file.  Feel free to submit music, if you have sent it before you can be sure all songs stay in the folder in the broadcast system year to year.    Thanks


Robbie Harte, your Host for Country Crops has a ton of great stuff planned for the coming month:

Dec 3rd will be last Regular Country Crops show of 2023

Dec 10th  A country Crops Christmas Show

Dec 17th The CC Top 20 Countdown

December 24th There will beno show, But the country showcase on Sunday will run from Noon to 6PM EST.  All Country Christmas music and Greetings from artists to friends, family and fans.  We are now accepting those greetings for airing during that show.  Heres how you can get your greeting on KB Radios Country Crops;

Christmas Submissions: If you're an indie country artist and would like to submit your Christmas song to Country Crops on KB Radio 91.7FM, send an email to Include a voice message with your name, where you are from and a holiday message for our listeners. The Deadline to submit Christmas music is December 15th, so get those submissions in!


Please note there will be no show on Dec 31st but a brand new Country Crops will return to the air Sunday January 7th 2024 at 4PM.


Lets Begin with any artist wishing to share Christmas and holiday greetings we welcome your submission.  Just include the normal style of greeting, eg; Hi this is Bob and Sarah and we are the BS Duo wishing you a happy holiday/Merry Christmas.  Basically a greeting of your choice.  Keep it clean, dont add a song title in to promote as these will be played randomly on the station, not specifically before your song.  Yes, I have recieved greetings in the past from artists we werent yet playing, and shared them ass well.  Its the holidays.   Send you Greetings to and label it Christmas Greeting.  I will be watching for those apart from music

All Shows and regular programming continues through the start of December.  A couple of dates of note:  The last live show is the Year End Top 50 on Wednesday December 20th 2023.  It will of course replay the next morning at 8am, otherwise after that show broadcasts, KB Radio will keep operating like normal in all other regards.  The plan is to take about 2 weeks off for a holiday break and will return with a new Top 40 Countdown on Wednesday January 3rd 2024.  With all of this in mind there are some significant dates, apart from those already talked about in Country Crops etc.

Indie Top 40 Voting will continue until December 13th.  That date we will air our final Top 40 for the year.  

Indie Top 40 Voting resumes December 27th.  We will pick up exactly where we left off two weeks prior. As mentioned the first new Countdown January 3rd.

Year End Top 50 Voting Ends December 13th as well.  this will allow a week to compile all the data to put together the show for the following Wednesday December 20th.

Music submissions will be ongoing throughout with no stoppage planned, and in fact the time off will hopefully once again allow us to catch up.

As is always the case there are some new things happening as we move into a new year with 2024.  Nothing that will shake the world but as we get closer you will see posts about any change that is coming.


Lets take a moment for some serious thought.  the month of December, the holidays, Christmas itself are some of the most difficult times of the year for many people.  If we have learned anything over the past few years its to reinforce just how important it is to take a moment and reach out to someone.  It only take a minute to touch base with someone who you may be the only contact they have all day week or month.  I could give examples of how we all freely spend our so valuable time, waiting in line at the coffee shop etc.  However the truth is, it doesnt matter what I say, we either will or we won't take that time for someone else.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone around the world..Cheers


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