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The idea of this guest book isnt for me to keep track of visitors, but rather a location for musicians, promoters, and other stations or broadcasters to share how they can be reached.  If you are a guest, yes please sign in and say hi.  Tell us what you like or dont like about the stations.  Artists say hi, THIS IS NOT FOR SUBMITTING, and share a link where listeners and fans can find more info about you maybe.  Spotify? Youtube? Facebook?  The other part is have you had good luck working with other broadcasters?  Share their names here, and links to them or maybe to where you can submit music.  We could say share your negative, but lets just not give them any space.  Its interesting to look at other stations that play and promote indie and you will see a few artists that are on multiple stations, but many are not.  Heres a chance to find a broadcaster that you appreciate.  I have no problem listing other broadcasters, and I encourage them to do the same.  Don't just play the music, help the artists.  P.S.  One thing, please do not list any pay for play station.  I will remove those posts. 

click this link for the actual guestbook.

guest book

Submitting Music

When it comes to submitting music to the two stations it is very simple.  I will give you a couple simple points here, and the attached blog

We accept any and all music submissions.  There are some genre's we don't play so if you are sure your song fits in that category, and you dont want to send it thats okay.  But the genres are so muddy anymore, one persons rock is another persons country.  If we cant play it, i will respectfully let you know, but maybe you have something else that does fit.

A couple things mentioned in the blog.  Please attach music.  Do not send spotify or youtube links and ask me to listen to it and let you know.

We play approximately 200 Indie songs, not counting those indie tracks in permanent rotation. between both stations.  This music is adjusted with new songs being added and older tracks being removed every week.

​​The major do not do is send a blank email with a song attached.  I will spend exactly how much time listening to your song as you spent writing me.  It doesnt have to be a novel but please, try to show you actually give a damn about what you are doing.


When an Indie song does well on KB, with charting, requests, listener comments etc, that song can be moved into permanent rotation.  What that means is for each station there is a file with mainstream music that is mixed with the Indie tunes.  These songs are then added becoming for all intents and purposes part of the mainstream music played on each station.  The list below are some of those songs, updated from time to time.

Leap      Mahogany Dannie.mp3
Everything is Alright    Neil and Adam.mp3
Shake It Up!     Kings Harem.mp3
Armada    Forte
Blue Is My Favorite Color    Mari
Dance With Me     Sharon Lia
Change the Way We Dream     JANA & The Rebels
All In My Head    Villa Avenue
HARD RAIN     Laura Marie
Revolution     The Phantoms
Lights All Askew      Chris Watkins Drunk Poets
Picture Perfect    Chris Watkins
Change (To Stay the Same)     Lux Lisbon
Honest 2016     Laura Marie
PIECES     Tolberttoz
Evilone     Arellspencer
King Of Foolz    Raspin Stuwart
On Your Knees 2017     Mohawk Radio
Out in the Wild    Black Diamonds
When We Play Our Game 2016     Carlos Wilde
Soaked Parade     Northern Roads
Lazarus     7Th Order
Black Vinyl Dreams     Crescent Moon
Still That Boy from Texas     Reagan Browne
We Hit The Ground     Lauren Marsh
Under A Lonely Sky     Ray Wilson
Breath Of Air    Madison Mueller
Forget     Danielle Haskell
Smoke The Hookah     Raspin Stuwart
Poplife     Matt Springfield
Reasons     Fiona Ross
Love doesn't conquer all     Lola Demo
Misdemeanor     guy Paul Thibault
Breathe      Sharon West
DNA    Erin At Eleven
one More Day    matt mercer
Transformation    Tamanie
By My side    The Grand Masquerade
Skywalker    dandelioncharm
Time    TolbertToz
those days are gone    The Grand Masquerade
American Dream    SurRod
The Truth    Avanada
Thunderboy    Arellspencer
Heart Break Girl    Robert Segarra
Oil Fire    Neil & Adam
Another Night, Another Day    Lunar Rogue
Awkward    DiDi
Blurred Reality    SombreMoon
Saturday Night    Guy paul Thibault
Without You    Jimena
Ghost Town Underground    Internal Frontier
New England    DreadPirate
Down By The Riverside    Kings Harum
One World    Zally
Always    Tolbert Toz
True    Excorde
Blindsided    Sharon West
One For the Grave    Ray Wilson
Fragile Minds    Silent Theory
There for you    k8
Don't Hate Me    Stone Blind State
Staring Back At me    The Kendall Connection
Fall Back Down    Puss Puss Band
50 Paranoid Thoughts    Duffy & Bird
Didn't Mean To Care    Susie Blue
Anomie    Sharon Lia Band
Hereafter    SombreMoon
Together    K8 Walker
Cheap Canadian Whiskey    Mikalyn Hay
Its Just Me    Shaun Walt
I Could Die    Jack Blake
Anti Social Butterfly    Blue Helix
New Style    McKnight
Say your Mine    TGM
The Spark    Dandelion Charm
Only Myself To Blame    Erin at Eleven
Serenity    Grey Goes Down
It'll Pass    Matt Mercer
Reelin    Raspin Stuwart
Road Less Travelled On    System Slave
Spruce Island Chapel    Chris Watkins
Ordinary Day    Justine Wills
Its Natural    Phantom of the Mind
Drown    Sean Farr
The Comeback    Why
Call of the Wild    Coldspell
One Guitar    Tamanie
The Little Things    K8 Walker
Anthologized by cherry red    Spray
Breath    Danielle Haskell
Watch me Burn    Silent Theory
Slow Down     Victors
TV Screens    The Gear
Born For Blood    Vista
Exhale    Madison Mueller
Cannot Say    Reise
Love Is Love    K8 Walker
Good For The Night    Tolbert Toz
Short Time Affair    Raspin Stuwart
Secret Secret    Stereo In Solo
Beautiful Disaster    Griffin Tucker
Precious times    Daz Rice
Treading In Deep Water    Sweet Crisis
Ignorance    Common View
The Romantic Tales of Mr Shy    Wild Horse
Sugar High    Transistor
The Calm Before The Storm    Nina
Ghost Behind Your Mind    Tyler Gilbert
Burning    Ivory Tower Project
The 1's We Hate    Russian House Mafia
Can't Say No    Lyric Dubee
Give It To Me Go    We Three Kings
Alive    After Alice
Secret    Gia
Brainwaves    Kathleen Elle
Root Foot    Shane Larmand
Sanctified    Fused
All Of My Love    Lyia Meta
Waiting For That Moment    Man Eat Grass
Broken Dreams    Moscato
Diagnose Me    Kane Incognito
The World Without You    Into the Blood
Anymore    Guy Paul Thibault
I Can't Get Your Face Out of My Mind    Common View
Monkey In Space    Transistor
Right Love Wrong Time    Erin Bloomer
NY2LA    Raspin
3am    LittleHill
Lifetime of Lessons    Creek Road Eleven
Soul Driver      The january Dead
Now I See    Tolbert Toz
Back Home    Lyric Dubee
Anodyne    Blue Helix
Frustrations    Wild Horse
Down    Trip Wire
How Much More    Ivory Tower Project
The Poison Artist    Echolines
I Cried Today    Matlen Starsley
It hasn't hit me Yet    Matlen Starsley
Steamroller Blues    Shane Larmand
Runaway    Erica
Always Leaving    Color Out
Everything    Black Oxygen
Nowehere Fast    Electric Mud
Talk to Me    Guy Paul Thibault &
Unbroken    Avery Blank
Fly      Transistor
Ya Mouth Tain't There for talkin    Man Eat Grass
October 1    Tough On Fridays
Tear Me To Pieces    Fused feat Kay Burden
Another Gotcha    Channel 69
Faith    Airport Impressions
Wearing Out A Dream    Jet Black Motorcade
Why Do We Pretend    Wild Horse
Broader Sound    The Broader Sound
1976    Westering
Down    The Incurables
The Digital Age    VIX20
Lately    Erin Bloomer
Not Ready to Say Goodbye    Jamie Alimorad
Soundscape City    Lyric Dubee
The Ides of March    Ivory Tower Project
Fraud    Tough On Fridays
Satellites    Creegan
Living Scares Me To Death    Transistor
We Run    Tolbert Toz
Blame    Wild Horse
Eloise (i don't feel so well)    The Incurables
Rooted In the Ground    UV Traveler
7 Ways    Investigator
Not A Love Song    Channel 69 feat Dania Morales
It should Have Been Me    Abby K on bass
Brighter Days    Jamie Alimorad
Seduction    Wild Horse
Made Up Make Up    Dres_
Dirty Love    Abby K on Bass
Tall Order    Gulf Stream Riders
Can't    Wild Horse
Lets Start Over    Feed Your Wolves
Love n Money    The metal Byrds
White Pony    Ambrose
Don't Want you To Go    Wild Horse
Two Step    Zak & Nem
Out of the Blue    Tough On Fridays
Small Town Prayer    Sharon Marie White
Right Down Below    Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience
Catch A Wave    Don't Fear The Natives
Do You Need More    Yard of Blondes
Fist Full of Grace    White Collar sideshow
Girl Next Door    Jennie Angel
Hypnotise    Wild Horse
Dreamin    The Metal Byrds
Funhouse    The Incurables
Its Shining Now    Creek Road Eleven
Love You More    308 Ghost Train
Times Up    Wild Horse
Where I Belong    Sugartown Slim
Boy    Channel69
If Theres Any Reason    Firekind
Mundane    Mali
When Momma comes Home    Zak and Nem
Parasite    SevVven
Breaking Chains    Ellis in Transit
Passion In The Night    Trip Jacker
Its Too Late    Raspin Stuwart
Parasite    SevVven
Undone    Tough on Fridays
Bright Light    Neil and Adam
Heading West    Zak and Nem
Becoming Human    Simon Collins
I Thought That I Loved You    Abby K on Bass
We Should Be Dancing    The Frixion
Roller Coaster    King Queen
Evil Love    Franki Pineapple
Shot Down    Interstitium
Every Day that I Wake    Feed Your Wolves
Soda Pop    The Incurables
Impossible    The Metal Byrds
Life Is Beautiful    Black Oxygen
Fix Me    Chasing Records
Pretty Nepal    Lacobo-Jones
Hummingbird    Yard of Blondes
Just Like Money To Me    308 Ghost Train
Makin Good Time    Matlen Starsley Band
All My Lies    Apricity
Hurts Like Bullets    7 Days In Alaska
Candlelight    Investigator
Far Away    The Incurables
I've Been Waiting for You    Feed Your Wolves
The Idea of Having a Boyfriend    Post Rome
What Love Can Be    Silent
I'm Caught    The Caught
The Movies    Wild Horse
Top of the World    Sugartown Slim
Debt of Sin    Twelve Years Today
Lying Next To You    Wild Tibetan Monks
Arise    Red Iris
The Fence    Into The Blood
Handle with Care    Robbie Harte
Must I Die Alone    Steady Rollin
Land of Dream    Jam Tako
Real One    Smash Into Pieces
Eager    Wild Horse
Neon Lights    Trip Jacker
Glam    The Incurables
Somethin's Going On    308 Ghost Train
Nervous    Kathleen Elle
Some Like It hot    Executive order
Here We Go Now    Interstitium
Cosmic Wave    Gia
Heartache Street    Wild Horse
Blind    Jet Black Motorcade
Keep You On Replay    Lucy Racquel and Me
Back Into Eloise    The Incurables
Circles    Dres_
Clear Glass heart    Interstitium
Give a Little Loving    Jamie Alimorad
Detroit Steel    The Incurables
The Fear    Apricity
Chaos    308 Ghost Train
Coffee In the Morning    Wild Horse
Dance With Me    Mr Robokov
Hero    Diamons and Whiskey
Waves    The Shrubs
Divided    Into the Blood
Lessons of Love    Animal souls
Sun Will Rise    The Evolving 9th Hour
Troublemaker    Hipersona
She Said Hi    The Whythouse
No More Bad Days    The Shrubs
Dance With the One You Came With    Al Harlow
She Dreams In Red    Stratton 5
Glitter In MY Pocket    SoMuch
Insidious    Chrissy Steele
Rapture    Malcolm Brixkhouse
Tequila Kiss    Jayelle
Footprints in the Sand    Wild Horse
City Street Baby    Rod Savage
Glory Road    Interstitium
Not To Go    Detention
Smash    Men Who Listen
Spitfire Pete    The Metal Byrds
I Got you    Luxthereal
War    Jay Moussa Mann
Anxiety    Wild Horse
Fast and Hard    David Martinez
Something Again    Peachy dukes
Stop The World    The Incurables
9.17    The Stop
Music Minimum Wage    Zak Webb
Filling In Canyons    Gulf Stream Riders
Firestorm    Jennifer Mlott
Action    Into The Blood
Calm Down    Medultra
In The Night    Parcs
Into You    Tracy Ball
Life hack    Origami Tsunami
Sweet Candy Jane    Jan Martinsson
This Place    Gemma Felicity
Voltage    Ameri Shaye
Full Moon Raging    Norwegian Soft Kitten
My Girl    Perk
Break The Fall    Jamie Alimorad
Hit the Road    Moving Lines
I Don’t Know    Medultra
Where My Girls At    Venus
You and Me    The Whythouse
Shade     Investigator
Cocaine    Bud Elkin
Headspace    The Laminar Flow
Summer Feeling    Emily Faye
Fired Up and Getting Cold    Zak Webb
Suicidal In The Morning    Iris Drive
Confidence    Wild Horse
Cherry Lane    Destiny Returns
Moment to Think    Jessy Hax
Requiem    Freyja Elsy
That Look    Stratton 5
MIA    Malxolm Brixkhouse
Let It Roll    The Whythouse
Let It Go    Al Harlow
Humanitys Fall    Luxthereal
Undressed By the Sound    Into the Blood
On A Whim    Honey I Shot The President
Invisible Girl    Vix 20
All I Know    The Modern Kind
Signs    Wicked Tree
Bangarang    Smash Into Pieces
Live It Up    KIngQueen
Rescue me    Ameri Shaye
Oxygen Type    The Lunar Keys
Rock This Way    Jennifer Alvarado
Rain    The Incurables


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