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The idea of this guest book isnt for me to keep track of visitors, but rather a location for musicians, promoters, and other stations or broadcasters to share how they can be reached.  If you are a guest, yes please sign in and say hi.  Tell us what you like or dont like about the stations.  Artists say hi, THIS IS NOT FOR SUBMITTING, and share a link where listeners and fans can find more info about you maybe.  Spotify? Youtube? Facebook?  The other part is have you had good luck working with other broadcasters?  Share their names here, and links to them or maybe to where you can submit music.  We could say share your negative, but lets just not give them any space.  Its interesting to look at other stations that play and promote indie and you will see a few artists that are on multiple stations, but many are not.  Heres a chance to find a broadcaster that you appreciate.  I have no problem listing other broadcasters, and I encourage them to do the same.  Don't just play the music, help the artists.  P.S.  One thing, please do not list any pay for play station.  I will remove those posts. 

click this link for the actual guestbook.

guest book

New Music is added once per week on Saturdays.  List will be updated accordingly.

t1 June 21 2023_001.png
T2 june 21 2023_001.png
t1 June 21 2023_002.png
T2 june 21 2023_002.png
t3 june 21 2023_001.png
t3 june 21 2023_002.png
Cs june 21 2023_001.png

In the music system for KB Radio, we play a mix of Indie with mainstream tracks.  The mainstream tracks are generally a permanent part of the rotation, and we introduce new indie to you, and share it for a period of time.  However like every song ever released some songs are more popular than others. Likewise some of the indie tracks gain popularity and will be and have been added to that permanent file.  There are Indie tracks we have been playing since day 1 2015.  This is a list of those Indie Songs.

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