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Special Note: As of Wedenesday may 24th all live shows are temporary cancelled.  I will attempt to get weekend shows loaded as normal. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Streaming 24/7 around the world KB Radio plays the greatest music from the 70s, 80s 90s and 2000s.  With new Indie Tracks mixed in you can hear tomorrows stars today.

TO Listen To KB Radio click play

I have created a free Android app for KB Radio.  Its not available on the Google Play store, but if you know how to side load apps, feel free to download.  Been testing for a month and havent had any issue.  Working on an app for I phone users also.

KB is a 1 man operation.  I will watch for messages when I can.  Thanks
If you want to join the chat, its very simple, add you name and type your message.  its that simple.

Replay: Saturdays 12 noon EST


Looking to submit your music for Airplay?
Click the Music Submissions link below

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