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The year end Top 50 voting for both stations has ended.

top 50 Countdowns presented live:

KB Radio Dec 14 2022

KB Country Dec 16 2022

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The KB Radio Top 25 Airs on Wednesday nights during the Indie Music Show.  8PM EST  The Indie Show repeats Thursday mornings at 8AM EST

The Jukebox Top 25 Countdown Show Airs every Friday night at 8PM EST on KB Country Radio.  The countdown Replays Saturday mornings at 10AM EST on KB Country


KB Radio Top 50
Nominees 2022


KB Country Radio Top 50
Nominees 2022

Al Harlow   -   Dance With the One You Came With

Al harlow   -   Let It Go

Al Harlow   -   If It Wasn’t For You

Alex Francis   -   if I Can't have you

Ameri Shaye   -   Voltage

Ameri shaye   -   Beneath These Tears

Animal Souls    -   Lessons of Love

Animal Souls    -   Travellin Bug

Beat Noir Deluxe   -   Start Over Again

Bedrokk   -   Be That Girl

Big Society   -   Something We Can Work Out

BlackLotus   -   Bossy Girls

Bonnie Legion   -   Hidden Tears

Bud Elkin   -   Cocaine

Castella   -   So Glad I Met you

Chris Jones    -   BandFigure It Out

Chrissy Steele   -   Insidious

Coronation Kings   -   We Are

Dora Jar   -   Voice In The Darkness

Destiny Returns   -   Cherry Lane

Emily Faye   -   Summer Feeling

Erin Bloomer   -   Therapy

Estella Dawn   -   Easy To Fall

Excorde   -   In Honor of Love

Fingers and Fumbs   -   Don't Kick me when im Down

Gia   -   Cosmic Wave

Gulf Stream Riders   -   Filling In Canyons

Gulf Stream Riders   -   The Mystic Burns Within

Hipersona   -   Troublemaker

Incurables   -   Rain

Interstitium   -   Clear Glass Heart

Into The Blood   -   Divided

Into The Blood   -   Action

Into The Blood   -   Undressed By The Sound

Investigator   -   Shade

Iris Drive   -   Suicidal In The Morning

Iris Drive   -   What Makes you Beautiful

Jam Tako   -   Letter

Jamie Alimorad    -   Give A Little Loving

Jamie Alimorad   -   Break The Fall

Jay Elle   -   Tequila Kiss

Jay Moussa Mann   -   War

Jennifer Alvarado   -   Rock This Way

Jennifer Mlott   -   Firestorm

Kicked Out of the Sky   -   Kicked Out of the Sky

KOKA   -   Skin and Bones

Little Moses Jones   -   City or Country

Louise Parker   -   Tequila Sunset

Luna Carina   -   Virtue

Luxthereal   -   I Got You

Luxthereal   -   Humanitys Fall

Luxthereal   -   Cardboard Limousine

Malxolm Brixhouse   -   MIA

Marina   -   Why

Medultra   -   I Don't Know

Medultra   -   Calm Down

Meel Vignetting   -   Empty Forever

Michele Ari   -   Little Parties

Mojave Grey   -   Thunderbird

Moving Lines   -   Hit The Road

Moving Lines   -   Holding Back

Mr Robokov   -   Dance With Me

Origami Tsunami   -   Life Hack

Perk   -   My Girl

Pink Rabbits   -   Home

Sonar Lights   -   Smile

Storm of Crows   -   Her Crime

Stratton 5   -   She Dreams In Red

Stratton 5   -   That Look

The continentals   -   Without You

The Evolving 9th Hour   -   Sun will Rise

The Great Leslie   -   Feel Alive

The Incurables   -   Back Into Eloise

The Incurables   -   Stop The World

The Laminar Flow   -   Headspace

The Lunar Keys   -   Oxygen Type

The metal Byrds   -   Just So You Know

The Metal Byrds   -   Vicious Circle

The Modern Kind   -   All I Know

The Ninth Configurations   -   We Live In The Eighties

The Shrubs   -   Waves

The Stops   -   9.17

The Whythouse   -   She Said Hi

The Whythouse   -   Let It Roll

The Word66   -   tonight Is The Night

Tracy Ball   -   Into you

Venus   -   Where My Girls At

Venus   -   Amplifier

Violet Riot   -   Hands on the Deck

Vix 20   -   Invisible Girl

Whythouse   -   Heat

Wild Horse   -   Coffee In the Morning

Wild Horse   -   Anxiety

Wild Horse   -   Confidence

Wild Horse   -   Joy Ride

Will & Wav   -   How Can You Say You're Sorry

Wonderland   -   Dead of the Night

Zak Webb   -   Music Minimum Wage

Aaron Kenny   -   Between Teal & A Steel Blue Sky

AJ Penta   -   Mama

Amanda Kind   -   Love Used To Live Here

Ami Leigh   -   Brainstorm

Analisa Carter   -   When I Think About You

Andrea Nixon   -   Earthquake

Angie Flare   -   Exit To LA

Apple Barner   -   My Confession

Ashley leBlanc   -   Rhinestone Cowgirl

Basil Bauer   -   Yours Someday

Brandi Vezina   -   Do It Right

Brooklyn Blackmore   -   Paint The Sky

Cory Gallant   -   Daddy Was Saturday Night

Dan Petti   -   Ring in My Pocket

Dan Petti   -   Going Nowhere

DBK Country Radio   -   Make This Love Stay

DBK Country Radio   -   Just Don't Care

DBK Country Radio   -   Drinking Whiskey in the Afternoon

DBK Country Radio   -   This Bender

Demi Michelle   -   Homecoming Queen

Diamonds and Whiskey   -   Hero

Dirt Road Angels   -   Dance In The Rain

Dirt Road Angels   -   Where Is The Love

Dove Ties   -    Ghost of You

Dustin Chapman & Ryleigh Madison   -   Family Thing

Edwin Balder   -   Love Songs Whiskey Wishes

Edwin Balder   -   Ghosts on Every Corner

Emma Peterson   -   Just For The Record

Gulf Stream Riders    -   Filling In Canyons

Gulf Stream Riders   -    Down In Mexico

Heidi Hyacinth   -   All The Good Ones Are Crazy

Hunter Lott   -    This Here Good Book

Hunter Lott   -   Honky Tonk Special

Ian Krochak   -   A Few Shots of Whiskey

Jade Hilton   -    Not My Type

Jennifer Alvarado   -    Curious

Jennifer Alvarado   -   Rock This Way

Jeremiah Wheeler   -   Til The Weekend

Jessica Lynn Witty & Chris Jones   -   Redneck Highway

Jessica Lynn Witty & Chris Jones   -   Your Own Damn Party

Jessica Lynne Witty   -    Over and Over Again

JJ Voss   -   Some People

John Kelly   -   Genuine Country Boy

John Lewitt   -   More To Love

Johnny Anderson   -   Poolside

Justin Sutton   -   North of 49

Justin Sutton   -   Greyhound

Kelly Cresswell   -   You Don’t Know Me

Kim Thompson   -   Just Anybody

Kirstie Kraus   -   Something New

Krissy Feniak   -   Far From Home

Kyle Dunn   -   East Coast Town

Kym Simon   -   High

Laurie LeBlanc   -   Lucky In Love

Laurie LeBlanc   -   Long Weekend

Lemon Cash   -   It Aint Me Its You

Little Lore   -   Hyacinth

Louise Parker   -   They Don't Ride Their Horses

Lyn_Sey   -   Remember You

Matt Salada   -   I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Matt Salada   -   Ice Cold Beer

Metallusionists   -   Anymore

Michael Crawford   -   On The Fence

Michael Travis   -   That’s Tequila

Michael Wayne Dill   -   Can't Slow Down

Moonshine Mamas   -   Let Her Die

Orchard Sky   -   Canadian Party Song

Patrick W Stafford    -   Love Like Sweet Honey

Patrick W Stafford   -   Ride of Vengeance

Pretty Archie   -   Familiar Feeling

Robbie Harte   -   Outside My Window

Robbie Harte   -   Too Pretty To Be Home

Robbie Harte   -   Reason to Rise

Ryan McMahon   -   One More Fire

SB MackHigh Stanton   -    Husband John

SB Mackhigh Stanton   -   Rare Man Wanted

Seth and Sara    -   Where The Moonshine Lives

Sharon Marie White   -   Help Me Fly

Shaylyn   -   Favorite Hello Hardest Goodbye

Simone Reyes   -   Happy Hour

Slade Adams & the Black Tees   -   Pour Some Whiskey On My Grave

Steve Aliment   -   California

Steve Aliment   -   Sweetness of You

Steve Pointmeier   -   Sway

Steve Pointmeier   -   Rowdy On

Tammy West & the culprits   -   You Know

Terra   -   Tell Me That Aint Love

The Whythouse & Jennifer Alvarado   -   Starz Collide

Tom Cary   -   Man I've Become

Tracy Millar   -   Cowboys Last Ride

Travis dolter   -   Than It Comes Around

Travis Pickering   -   Fallen

Trey Canton   -   Promise Not To See Me only

Waterfall   -   Pictures of You

Waterfalls   -   Cant Stop The Rain

Zak Webb   -   Music Minimum Wage


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